Large Scale Updates

I've got some really dedicated clients at Off The Map Tattoo which is beyond awesome. Most of my larger tattoos can take upwards of 50-60 hours. Completing these projects can be bitter sweet as I really get to know the clients during this process. I normally like to work on exisiting projects every month, sometimes in back to back sessions. This makes getting new clients into my schedule difficult, so I'll be doing a news item focusing on getting an appointment with me soon.

This summer brings the conclusion to two of my larger projects which I'm really excited to share. I've been teasing them out on my instagram: @RaptorLazer which you can follow for almost daily updates and in progress shots. The first I wanted to showcase is a sleeve tattoo I uploaded is titled the Rake Reaper which focuses on North East elements. 

Click the teaser below to see the full tattoo and some of my other latest projects:

Fall Nature Sleeve Tattoo